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GTN Point Person

GTN Point People can draw from a host of ideas and resources to inspire alumni and others to kingdom initiatives. Point People can establish a Facebook site, host Alumni Gatherings, encourage Mercy Ministry and Discipleship Programs and much more…


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YWAM Alumni Opportunities

A place where YWAM Alumni can find a number of exciting opportunities such as running campaigns to assist poor and needy, helping a developing nation, discipleship programs, and connecting to other alumni via gatherings. more…

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Local Church Opportunities

A number of practical ideas for local churches such as building homes for poor, mercy campaigns, discipleship programs, prayer stations and great tools and resources to move their missions movement along – more…

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Christian School Opportunities

A number of innovative ideas to get whole schools and classrooms involved in impacting poor and needy people, building homes for the homeless, launching exciting school wide campaigns to raise money for solar lights, water filtration, stoves and a host of other resources to change hundreds of people’s lives – more…


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[title size=”2″]Latest GTN News[/title]
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[title size=”2″]What GTN is not:[/title]
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Not a YWAM Base – No matter how large and effective the GTN ministries become may become in a specific area, it is very important to remember that the GTN is not a YWAM base. It is a YWAM ministry that supports kingdom initiatives. [/tab]

[tab id=2]Not a Church – The GTN desires to work with all churches and denominations. All GTN members should be involved in a local church and remain neutral in their role with the GTN.[/tab]

[tab id=3]Not Exclusive – The GTN must always be inclusive, kingdom thinkers. We must be careful to maintain a wise balance in working with local churches, alumni and groups.[/tab]

[tab id=4]Ineffective – Don’t spread yourself too thin. Our goal is quality, not quantity. [/tab]


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[title size=”2″]What is GTN?[/title]

  • A Network linking YWAM Alumni, Associates, Churches and Christian Schools to Strategic  Outreach Targets Locally and Globally
  • A Network Committed to Radical Transformation of the Body of Christ Worldwide
  • A Network of Dynamic Training, Discipleship and Outreach Opportunities for Local Churches
  • A Network of People Dedicated to Follow the Spontaneous Creativity of the Holy Spirit
  • A Network Helping Each Person Fulfill their Unique Passion and Destiny


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